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Gummy Smile & Pink Aesthetic

Gummy Smile or Gum Smile is the condition where the gums appear more than 2-3 millimeters when laughing or talking. A normal gingival appearance shows itself very thinly between the tooth and the lip when speaking or laughing. In individuals with Gummy Smile, the gums appear much more prominent and thick.


Gummy Smile is a condition that can be treated with various methods. Basically, these methods can be divided into two as temporary and permanent. While Gummy Smile Botox is often applied for the temporary method, tooth lengthening operation may be preferred for the permanent method. The needs of the person and the decision of the specialist physician are important as to which method should be applied.

Gummy Smile Changement

How is Gummy Smile Botox Made?

Gum botox, also known as Gummy Smile Botox, is a botox procedure applied to the sides of the nostrils. Before Gummy Smile Botox is applied, a cream with local anesthetic feature is applied to the area in question. After the cream starts to show its effect, the necessary sterilization processes are performed and the application is started.

When performing Gummy Smile Botox, injections are often performed from two points. If necessary, injection can be made from more than two points.

How Is Tooth Length (Crown Length) Extension Operation Performed?

Another method used in the treatment of Gummy Smile is the lengthening of the tooth. Tooth lengthening, also known as crown lengthening or gingivectomy, is a surgical procedure.

First, the gingiva, which is thought to be long, is detected. Then, this gingival tissue is removed with a surgical procedure and the irregularities between the teeth are removed. Since the gums are removed, the tooth appears to be elongated. After this point, symmetricization is performed to ensure that the gums have a natural and problem-free appearance.

Considered things after gummy smile treatment with botox

We do not wear make-up on the same day as there is a needle insertion through the skin after the treatment of gum smile (gummy smile) with botox. We avoid excessive alcohol intake as it dilates blood vessels. We are not in extremely hot water and steamy environments. There is no harm in taking a shower at normal temperatures and times.

Considered things after the tooth length extension

During oral care, you can brush and floss other areas other than the treated area. Post-procedure nutrition is very important. For 2 days after the procedure, puree-style foods, such as bananas or ice cream, or soups, watery foods, especially warm foods should be eaten. The recovery period takes about 1 week.

Healing process and sensitivity after Gummy Smile

Bleeding, pain, swelling, difficulty in opening the mouth, bruising on the face or bruising on the skin after the gum removal procedure are normal. Because it occurs as a result of blood accumulation in the subcutaneous tissue near the treated area. This will pass in 7-10 days.

Dt.Eymen Yueksel
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