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Smile Design

Smile design is a holistic treatment type. It covers all of the treatments performed to obtain a brand new and aesthetic smile by changing the patient's smile line. The treatment is planned by taking into account some factors such as the patient's facial features, age, gender and skin tone. These treatments include dental treatments such as aesthetic fillings, root canal treatment, porcelain veneers, zircon crowns, emax, laminate veneers, dental implants, and soft tissue applications, which we call pink aesthetics. This pink aesthetic includes treatments such as bringing the gums to an ideal angle and position and correcting the lip asymmetries and contours.

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Which Treatments Does Smile Design Include?

- Teeth whitening
- Pink gum aesthetics
- Zirconium or porcelain coatings
- Bonding
- Orthodontics (braces) treatments
- Laminated porcelain coatings
- Shaping the lip edges
- Implant treatment

Do I have to have my teeth cut and veneered?

It is not always necessary to cut and veneer teeth for smile design. Generally, your aesthetic expectations can be met with easier and more protective methods such as composite laminates, bonding, recontouring or teeth whitening. With minimally invasive techniques, it is aimed to preserve the integrity of your teeth as much as possible.

Treatment Information and Process

Since the smile design is personal, the duration of treatment varies depending on the required treatments.

Things to Consider After Treatment

Things to consider after treatment vary on the basis of the treatment the person needs. However, the first 15 days are usually a sensitive process. For detailed information, get consultation via WhatsApp.

Dt.Eymen Yueksel
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